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      "Take a big swig," she said; "hit's mouty good stuffole Jeff Thompson's brewin' from yaller corn raised on rich bottom land."

      "I ought to have added that they wash their faces once a day, and put more shortenin' and fillin' in Mrs. Bolster's pies," said Shorty in an undertone to233 Si. "But I suppose we oughtn't to ask impossible things."

      The woman handed the cup to Si, who feared that the liquor might be poisoned or drugged. He made a pretense of drinking, and then handed the cup back, making motions that his throat was so sore that he could not drink much. Mrs. Bolster looked at him suspiciously, but the clamor of the guerillas distracted her attention, and she turned to supply them."Buck-and-gag her?" inquired Si.

      As soon as it was certain that the enemy was really abandoning the bitterly-contested field, an inexpressible weariness overwhelmed everybody. The 200th Ind. could scarcely drag one foot after another as it moved back to find a suitable camping-ground.The boys had hard work controlling their risibles over Mr. Rosenbaum's self-complacency.

      "If I couldn't shoot no better'n you kin on a sneak," answered the rebel, his rammer ringing in his gun-barrel, "I wouldn't handle firearms. Your bullet went a mile over my head. Must've bin shootin' at an angel. But you Yanks can't shoot nary bityou're too skeered."

      Amid the grins of the rest the boys conducted the newly-weds into the house.


      "The General himself," said Si.



      "They are not my principal witnesses, sir. I rely chiefly on Mr. Slaughter, the different professional men, the servants, the second taxi-driver, all of whom are obviously disinterested."