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      No one watching them would have suspected them of being anything more than old friends; indeed, Traffords words and manner were markedly reserved.

      He stepped on board.

      You can make up the rest, eh, Varley? said Taffy. We sent ours by the bank agent yesterday; you wasnt in the saloon when he came, and youve got enough at the hut, havent you?

      "Yes, sir. She came a quarter of an hour ago."

      Mr. Pinchook assented eagerly. He longed to get back to London.

      Thanks. But about the studies, Esmeralda?


      Disney started up confusedly, like a sleeper awakened, and looked at his watch.Trafford turned his face away. It was lined by a deep emotion.


      Yes, said Lady Ada, he is a conspicuous figure in London societyindeed, everywhereone of our great men; and one day he will be greaterhe will be a duke.